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Still playing old games

I’ve got my first PC in 1995. I was 17 at that time. That year was special: PCs got a critical mass in Russia, and become mainstream home computers. Before they were only office computers, but at 1995 prices got down, and some really nice games got into attention: DOOM, Mortal Kombat, Warcraft. I remember that time very well, and still do play those games a lot. Yes, they were made for DOS, but does OS matter for game ? Yes, their graphics was VGA, but I somehow still like it. Nowdays most graphics is 3D, made of poligons. Even 2D pictures are just rendered 3D, and that becomes mainstream. Old way of drawing is now called “pixel-art”, and for me that’s much better, because it has “soul”

 Most of those games were not designed to run under OS different from DOS, and on today’s fast computers. Fortunatelly, there is a DOSBox – a really fantastic program. You can ajust execution speed, hardware emulation. People who think VGA is “blocky” can get smoothing there.

 I’m sure I’m not alone. I will keep posting some stuff about playing old good games under DOSBox

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