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X-Lite softphone

I’ve tried many SIP softphones, and most of them just crap. The only softphones I like are EyeBeam and X-Lite from Counterpath. EyeBeam requires payment, and X-Lite is free, so I’m using X-Lite. Current version is 3.0, and I’ve started using it from version 2.0. I think that version 3.0 is overall better than version 2.0, but in some aspects it is worse.

Here is a list of things which were working in version 2.0 and broken in version 3.0:

  • It doesn’t allow you to specify port on which phone will listen for incoming calls. That’s because it was designed with proxy-registar in mind: phone chooses some random port, sends REGISTER with “Contact” header containing IP and port, and proxy should route all incoming calls to that port. You can specify “recommended” range of ports, but that’s not guarantee. This behaviour limits usfulness of phone for small communities which don’t use proxy but always call directly
  • When you want to call to another SIP device on same physical machine, it always uses interface Very annoying
  • If phone receives INVITE with “Hold SDP”, it answers with some strange SDP which is not recognised by some devices
  • If phone receives empty INVITE, and ACK contains “Hold SDP”, then call is failed (BYE is sent from phone). This makes 3rd party call establishment really tricky
  • If there are no OK on BYE, then phone simply hangs up.

Now, here is a list of broken things in X-Lite 2.0:

  • If you put in address book an URI with port (like “sip:user@host:port”), then port value misteriously absent in outgoing INVITE
  • Sometimes responses are sent back to the same port they were received from even if rport is absent in “Via”

And, what I miss in both phones are:

  • Support for “100rel” and PRACK

So, those phones could be improved. I run both of them simultaneously, so I could use the one which is not broken for particular work. But, despite of abovementioned problems, those softphones are far ahead of all others

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  1. July 23, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    I have the same issues with both EyeBeam ans X-lite
    I am quite comfortable with NCH SwiftSound that I am using on windows to talk with Asterisk and Yate.

    December 5, 2008 at 12:37 pm

    I recommended x-lite to a friend, and he says there can be problems from spyware or malware bugs in the package – As I am new to x-lite, I wondered if anyone knows more about this issue

    I would so appreciate an answer

    Thanks ahead of time

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