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I like Wikipedia. It’s fantastic! If I need information, I go there. They have information exactly in the way I need, and they also have links to look further.

Now different Wikis used everythere as a replacement to documentation. It’s editable, and knowledge is organized in small pieces connected with links. Simple and convenient. When I wanted to make my own knowledge base, I wanted it to use Wiki. But, does it mean that I need Web server, DBMS, PHP and some Wiki engine just to organize my knowledge ? Fortunatelly not.

There is a sort of software called “personal Wiki” or “desktop Wiki”. They are simple GUI tools which allow you to edit text pieces and link them one to another. Interested people can find more here. I’ve tried several of those tools and have choosen my favourite. It’s ZuluPad.

This application is minimalist, and I like that fact. It’s just a plain text editor, as simple as Notepad, but not a single continuous page. It has separate pages for each “topic”. To create new topic, just select some word, and press “Ctrl+L”, and new topic will be created dedicated to selected word. On your previous topic there will be a link to new topic. You can navigate by choosing topic from list.

Application is open source, so anybody can extend it. In fact, there is a commercial version, with different text styles and formatting, but I don’t need it. Files are stored in XML, so it’s easy to put your knowledge base online using simple XSLT.

I like personal Wikis and recommend them to anyone!

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