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My second Lisp books

I’m finished reading book of David Touretsky “Common Lisp: a gentle introduction to symbolic computation”. I’m very happy with this book. It’s simple, and explains a large part of library. Now I want to have same knowledge of Scheme library as I have of Common Lisp’s library. That book also explains macros in a simple way. I’m admitting that I was afraid to start reading about macroses because I’ve expected them to be complex to undestand. But finally I feel macroses are simple, and nothing prevents me from writing or using macroses in CL style. However, I know that Scheme has different approach to macroses, and that I still should learn.

I keep comparing “CL: a gentle introduction” book wuth “How to design programs”. “HtDP” doesn’t say anything about library, it explains language itself. However, “HtDP” shows some very advanced tricks, such as abstracting over data by returning “manipulator” function. After reading of “HtDP” I feel myself very clever and confident when I read some articles about functional programming. However, but I fell myself helpless when it comes to writing code. I’m so lazy that I refuse to solve even simple tasks because I don’t want to write code which I expect to be present in library. So I refuse to do anything until I will learn library. I hope my next book, “Scheme language” by Kent Dybvig will complement to my previous books.

I also want to mention article of Paul Graham. When I read it, finally all stuff about lambda got into place in my head. His description of how eval works was exactly what I needed.

If you reading my posts then you see that I have planned myself a lot of reading. Of course I’m not reading several books at once, I’m carefully choosing in which order to read them. I was lucky that I’ve started to learn OCaml after I’ve read some Scheme books. After learning Scheme it’s quite easy to OCaml.

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