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The Astyanax

Today is my lucky day. I’ve finally found that game!

Arcade games were popular in Russia, but most games were locally developed, and were electromechanical, not computer-based. At the beginning of 90-s there were very few places with computer-based arcade games (usually made in Japan or US). Then I’ve got to one such place once I was impressed. I’ve already had my 8 bit ZX Spectrum at home, with palette of 8 colours, and with lots of games. In arcades I was impressed mostly by colourful and reach graphics, because gameplay was the same as in games for my ZX Spectrum. I even had something to compare: “Golden Axe” already existed for ZX Spectrum, and there were an arcade version there. Except “Golden Axe”, there were two games which I liked. Name of one game I remembered: “Hammerin Harry”. And name of another game I forgot.

In modern time, then I investigated console emulation, I’ve discovered that arcade machines also could be emulated, and there is a software for it called MAME. I’ve checked it, and both “Golden Axe” and “Hammerin Harry” were working very well. I even discovered a very good sequel to “Golden Axe”, very beautiful and highly playable game. But I couldn’t remember last game, and, without it, I could not find peace.
But, thanks to effort of people at klov, I’ve finally found it. Recently I was browsing this site, now it has much more screenshots then before, and I quickly found my game. It is called “The Astyanax”. Now I can return to my childish memories. Thanks guys!

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