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Ravenloft 2: Stone Prophet

This game is a sequel to “Ravenloft: Strahd’s possession”, and it doesn’t have any significant differences. Still, in 1996 it was a good game, so I’ve completed it then and also now to refresh my memories.

This time party is trapped in desert similar to ansient Egypt (but without a Nile) called Har’akir. Desert is big: developers were trying to create a big seamless world, and almost succeeded. A desert is surrounded by “wall of Ra”: area of very hot air which hurts party if they will try to escape. At the middle of desert there is a village of Muhar, where party can rest and store their equipment. Again, like in previous game, there are no money and shops. In the desert around a village there are numerous buildings and ruins left from the days then Har’akir as a powerfull kingdom. It was ruled by very powerfull pharaon named Ankepot who wanted to become immortal, but became crazy instead. He started a conflict with priests of Ra, and they killed him. Ankepot was turned into mummy, but he was so powerfull that even in his dreams we was sending disasters on land and priests of Ra. Finally, great priest of Ra was also turned into mummy, and Har’akir become a spiritual battlefield between pharaon and high priest, who send winds and diseases on people. As with other Ravenloft settings, land itself often lures new victims, who should work hard to find a way to escape. Local people don’t like aliens, so they will not be very helpful.

Second part is different from first part in that player can explore the land in any order he wants. However, all locations have to be explored to finish the game: a trick is called “collect all pieces of puzzle”. This trick is also used locally at many levels: collect pieces of dictionaly to be able to translate a prophecy, collect 8 tears of RA to get a key, collect serpent figures to open doors. Other levels are more linear: explore part of labyrinth and find a key which opens another part of labyrinth holding another key, and so on. Well, then I’ve said that all locations could be explored in any order I was wrong: some locations (sphynx, pharaon’s rest, royal burial hall and basement of temple of harwest) are opened with objects located in other locations. All places are labyrinths, so gameplay are almost the same as in previous game. It helps a little that labyrinths are smaller and corridors are more straight and wide, because they represent palaces and temples instead of mines and caves. Wall textures are more bright and have better resulution, with egyptian-style paintings everywhere. Improvements over previous game include: lightning in levels, windows, pits.

Main area is a one big desert. At the beginning I recommend to explore it by walking. Later party can find teleportation keys, which help to travel fast from one area to another. It is not easy to navigate being surrounded by sand, but automap can help. Desert is a good place to get initial experience: desert zombies and vultures are easy enemies. But be carefull with dust devils and manscorpions

There is a plot which guides players at the beginning through easy locations: go to blind women, then to temple of Nefertity, help injured women to get to village, explore the village to get equipment and a map, return to temple of Nefertity, then return to blind women, then go to obelisk. Obelisk is hard, so players can get easy experience in temple of harvest or in temple of Set. After Obelisk player can go anythere. I recommend to visit temple of Ra at the end, then player gets some rings of fire protection.

Switch-based puzzles do present, but are minor compared to item-based puzzles. There are many clues, so puzzle solving should not be complex. Sometimes you can get into a room which you are unable to exit because you don’t have a nesessary item. In this case, use teleportation key to get out.

This game was also a CD-rip, so I’ve missed most of video cutscenes. So, I don’t know that is hidden in bottle of thoughts, and what players learn in world of dead. However, this seems not very important, since I was able to complete the game.

A conclusion: game is better then it’s predessor: graphics is more beautifull, style is very good, plot is also better. However, it is still hack-n-slash RPG with maze-navigation. Recommended for fans of previous game

Some strategy hints:

  • Oinments help to cure poison and desease. Always have some of them!
  • Snakes usually attack in numbers. Use “burning hands”, “scorcher”, “ice storm” or other area-damage spells
  • Fire elementals are back, this time even more dangerous. They could be defeated with “cone of cold”, “ice storm”, “lightning”, “magic missile”
  • Party formation has changed: two members to the center are in front, two members who are to the edges are back
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