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My third Lisp books

In time passed since my last post I was able to read two books: “Scheme programming language” by K. Dubvig and “Structure and interpretation of computer programms” by Abelson and Sussman, and whould like to share my opinion on them. Both books are freely available on Web, so anyone can read them.

“Scheme programming language” is not a very good book. While it describes a lot of features of scheme language, most of explanations too short, not deep and do not help to understand. So, for beginners this book is too complex, for advanced people this book is not interesting.

“SICP” is completelly different story. This book is brilliant! However, reader should be ready that book is about computer science, and not dedicated to Scheme as computer language. This means that book is concentrated on problems which arise in programming independently of language used. But it is important that authors show deep logical issues in usage of each element of Scheme for particular problem. So, reading this book will not make reader a specialist in tricky areas of Scheme (this book, for example, totally misses macroses), but instead it will make reader a specialist in logic, algorithms, program design and will show how in best way use basics of Scheme. Scheme is a simple language, and even it’s basics are enough in lots and lots of cases, so this book is very practical. Recommended to everybody!

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