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Changing request URI for in-dialog requests

In SIP Servlets API there is a concept of “system headers” which cannot be changed, because it can violate SIP rules. An attempt to change these headers will result in throwing IllegalArgumentException from container. These headers can never be changed. But SIP rules are more complex. For in-dialog requests it is mandatory that request URI and “Route” headers will contain values obtained from dialog state. Thus, methods addHeader(“Route”), setHeader(“Route”), removeHeader(“Route”), pushRoute() and setRequestURI() should throw IllegalStateException for in-dialog requests. Unfortunatelly, it is not specified in SIP Servlets spec. Implementations also don’t fully follow those rules. For example, Sailfin will throw IllegalStateException upon pushRoute(), but will allow changing this header through addHeader(), setHeader() and removeHeader(). It will also allow you to change request URI for in-dialog request. Since SIP Servlet API strives for enforcing SIP rules, these things should be taken into account.

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