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September 19, 2007 Leave a comment

“Dreamhold” was first ineractive fiction game I’ve played at “modern” times. I’ve decided to start with it because description told that this is an introductionary game, and, since I didn’t played interactive fiction for more then 10 years, I’ve choosen that game because I thought that I’m not more than beginner. To summarize by experience from playing: this game is good, I’m not a beginner, this game is not really for beginners.

The game itself is about a wizard who dreamed of conquerring countries and discover new worlds, but, as effect of very powerful spell, he lost his memories and now walks through house build inside his dreams. Surroundings pretend to be surrealistic. To be honest, the plot didn’t made much sence to me: it doesn’t develop, there are no NPC to interact with, player just receives some pieces of story through flashbacks. Gameplay consists of exploration and puzzle solving. Task is to restore player’s memory and, either fix the spell and go to new worlds, or to return back and fix all the wrongs player did.

I think I will not spoil the game if I’ll tell that task is achieved by collecting several colour masks. There is also a secondary task to collect special objects, but those objects are just add to score. Solving puzzles open new areas or give player some new object.

The game is positioned as “introductory”. This means that the game have two settings for difficulty, and tutorial voice which helps at the beginning. Well, for me tutorial voice was not much help, because beginning of the game is really easy. Two difficulty settings are also quite confusing. I’ve started on “easy” level, and spent too many time figuring out what to do with lots of stuff present in game. “Easy” level is really confusing, because most objects are simply accessible, and some hard puzzles don’t give anything to player. Then I’ve played on “hard” level, the game become more logical, because objects are now accessible only when you solve puzzles.

So, I whould not recommmend this game as introductionary, but, in general, it’s a good piece of IF, definetely worth playing.

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